Causes of Fingertip Numbness

Causes of Fingertip Numbness

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Often, fingertip numbness is a sign of an underlying problem, like an infection. If you notice numbness, seek medical attention immediately. There are several causes of numb fingertips. 손끝저림

A pinched nerve is a common cause. It happens when the pressure of an injury or repetitive movements is too much for the nerve to handle. Medications can also help ease numbness. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may relieve pain. The use of an ice pack or warm water can also help decrease inflammation. A physical exam can also help confirm the diagnosis.

Raynaud’s disease is a condition that causes the fingers to become cyanotic, or pale. In this case, blood vessels in the affected area constrict to prevent heat loss. The symptoms will go away when normal blood flow is restored. This condition is caused by diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and atherosclerosis. In more severe cases, surgery is required to remove the sympathetic nerve.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another cause of numb fingertips. This disorder affects about four to 10 million people in the U.S. It is caused by repetitive movements of the hands and wrists. In addition to causing numb fingertips, it can lead to blisters and amputation. It is most common among middle aged and older individuals. To prevent this disease, practice good posture when using tools and take frequent breaks. If you are suffering from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist brace can help.

Another cause of numb fingers is an excessive amount of exercise. During exercise, your blood circulation to your hands and fingers increases, which can exacerbate the numbness. Aside from the obvious numbness, you might experience pain or tingling in your fingers.

If you suspect a nerve problem is causing your numb fingers, your healthcare provider will perform a physical examination to find out more about your condition. A neurologist can do a nerve conduction test to diagnose the condition. Your doctor might also recommend surgery, which can be helpful for numb fingertips.

There are several other conditions that can cause numb fingertips, including multiple sclerosis, infections, and soft tissue masses. These can cause numbness to spread to the forearms, neck, or back. It is important to get an accurate diagnosis, and to begin treatment as soon as possible to prevent permanent nerve damage.

In some cases, you might be experiencing fingertip numbness as a side effect of cancer medication. If this is the case, your health care provider can prescribe the best course of treatment. Some of the medications that can cause numbness include chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If your doctor suspects cancer, your numbness will likely disappear after the cancer is cured. However, you should not discontinue your cancer medications without consulting your healthcare provider.

Lastly, frostbite is another condition that can cause numbness in your fingers. This condition can happen when you are exposed to freezing temperatures. When you are exposed to freezing temperatures, the skin on your fingers and hands can swell and crack. When this occurs, you can lose sensation and feel a sharp sting. If this condition is severe, you may need to be treated with a cold pack or other type of medication. 두팔로정형외과